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Interactive Diagnostic Imaging, Inc. began its research and product development in 1992. Our goal is to identify, develop and create dental instruments and technologies that facilitate better diagnoses using intraoral radiographic imaging. Interactive Diagnostic Imaging follows these simple guidelines:

Enable dentists to better diagnose patient problems

Make the practice of dentistry easier and safer for the dentist and staff

Increase the practice’s profitability

Reduce the costs associated with labor and material

We have been privileged, honored, and pleased to work with PRIM/Hengtai  since 2001 in the development of our first product, Tru-Align I, and now in the development of a major upgrade called Tru-Align II. The collaboration involved the manufacture of the comprehensive and technically critical molds for injection molding of our major Tru-Align components. Tru-Align requires very precise and exacting tolerances, is composed of several different polymers, requiring our plastic partner to provide more then just a mold. The PRIM/Hengtai team’s vast experience in material selection, process control, quality control helped us easily overcome many problems associated with developing the "first-of-it’s" kind product. The long-term success of our company is dependent on IDI’s unique and proprietary intellectual property; we are completely confident our special IP’s will be protected and honored by PRIM/Hengtai with their commitment to integrity and respect.

PRIM/Hengtai and their global team exceed all our expectations, has always taken extra steps to assure accuracy, quality, and very effective pricing for reasonable and fair cost-of goods. We are very honored to highly recommend this great company.

Michael R. Razzano, D.D.S.
Chairman, CEO
Interactive Diagnostic Imaging, Inc.

The Company where I work as Technical and Quality Control Manager is an international Group based in Italy, where we have always been the market leader in trunking products, we export in and outside Europe.

Specializing in the manufacturing of trunking and wiring systems, conduits, panels, enclosures and junction boxes, my Company provides a comprehensive range of top quality products developed through our constant commitment to research and focus on understanding different cultures and technical needs in the various markets.

The experience with PRIM/Hengtai started 7 years ago with a test project and because of the good result obtained, the cooperation increased year by year and presently PRIM/Hengtai is our main Supplier for new product development and manufacturing in the far east area.

To summarize and explain the main reasons of this fruitful cooperation, I could focus on the following main aspects:

expertise team which always help the Client in material selection, process and quality control
full contract manufacturing services in mold-making, injection molding, stamping, casting and assembly
"global quality" of all the aspects relevant to the supply. I mean that a strict quality approach is rigorously followed during all the phases: development/manufacturing/production/assembly/logistic
constant communications with the Client in order to supply a constant and updated situation which really helps the Client to be "on time" informed about the real progress of the job
always on time deliveries without any schedule delay
high and constant quality level of all the supplies
effective help in supporting the Client for better understanding the far east "industrial world" in order to give opportunities for any possible business opportunity
Just to summarize I really believe that PRIM/Hengtai is a very reliable partner.     

Ferla Guido, Ph.D.
Technical and Quality Control Manager
An international group based in Italy

We started with the idea of replicating a cooking product popular in the 1950’s, but were unable to translate that idea into reality until we met PRIM/Hengtai last year.  PRIM/Hengtai’s production team took a sample of the product made 60 years ago, created a CAD drawing of it within a couple of weeks and shipped us fully assembled prototypes four weeks after the dies for aluminum casting were completed.  PRIM/Hengtai was able to arrive at a target price, including the complete assembly and packaging costs, which allowed us to offer the product at a competitive price.  PRIM/Hengtai offered suggestions throughout the process to improve the quality of the finished product – working with the handle manufacturer in China, suggesting the use of adhesives that substantially improved the product assembly, and sending us photos when appropriate to assure quality throughout the manufacturing steps.  PRIM/Hengtai  located a packaging supplier in China that took our artwork and were able to duplicate the packaging from the 1950’s.  Not satisfied with the cost and assembly of the packaging, they then offered an improved version that we then approved.  We look forward to doing additional business with PRIM/Hengtai as we are now able to re-introduce the product to the US market- successfully, we hope!

Rich Caldwell
Toas-Tite, LLC

I am so impressed working with PRIM/Hengtai and I would like to share my experience with you. During my 25 years of experience in manufacturing in several industries, I found PRIM/Hengtai  the most convenient company to work with, they the most experienced and knowledgeable staff in engineering, designing and manufacturing, they are very innovative and responsive, their office in U.S. is another plus for this company, I highly recommend the performance of this company to everyone.
Joseph Nazari
Winterborne Inc.

NZK Plastics, LLC has had the pleasure to have worked with Prim Technology/Hengtai since July 2005 and have completed nearly 30 projects together. Molds designed by Prim Technology engineers have been well built to US standards and have had no issues with quality or reliability. Prim Technology engineers have also brought value to the design process by utilizing Moldflow analysis when necessary and have done a better job using it than their American counterparts. Prim Technology also delivers tools in a very timely basis and almost never misses their target completion dates. Having said all of this, I feel the greatest asset Prim Technology has is Wenwei Pan and Julianna Cho.

Being a small company such as NZK Plastics, we needed a trustworthy partner in which to do business within China. Many US companies have had bad experiences with Chinese toolmakers cutting corners and providing less than promised tooling. Because of Wenwei spending over 20 years in the US, he understands the American business culture. He has dual citizenship and has been schooled in both China and is a graduate of MIT. Julianna Cho also provides follow up when necessary as Wenwei can be traveling to and from China. Between Julianna and Wenwei, I feel I always have the necessary information on project status and have complete trust in a lasting Chinese partnership.

Nick Karnavas
NZK Plastics, LLC

Butcher’s Kitchen is a product development company, specializing in professional grade cooking tools for chefs and fine cooks. Our current product, The Impressor, was carefully designed for the discriminating consumer who wants durability, functionality and quality in the products they use for food preparation. The Impressor can be found in the finer house ware stores or at BuchersKitchen.com

Butchers Kitchen has been working for years to bring this first product to market. We worked with one of the finest and respected product design companies in the United States. When it came time to select a manufacturer, they recommended, Jiangsu Hengtai/PRIM.

Although we were a new start up with not much more than a vision and early drawings, Jiangsu Hengtai/PRIM took a good look at our project, at a time when the world was booming and most manufacturers were either too busy or simply not interested in a start up. PRIM on the other hand recognized our potential in the market and took a strong and active role in helping us bring our product from drawing to reality.

Through the entire process, from first drawings submission, to multi-round prototypes, PRIM performed and delivered as though we were a Fortune 500 company.Their commitment to our quality, specifications and budget and their respect for our Intellectual Property, has been nothing short of outstanding.

In every instance, PRIM has been able to meet schedule and maintain cost objectives through intelligent use of their long term trusted partners and suppliers, when there was a need outside of their capabilities. They manage our project and deliver our product as promised.

From the onset, PRIM has been a vital partner and one we credit to our continued success through their professional manufacturing, packaging and delivery to our locations. We consider Jiangsu Hengtai/PRIM a partner in our business. We are looking forward to introducing new products with them in the years to come.

Ed Ferencik , Founder
The Butcher’s Kitchen

We provide 7x24-hour hotline service. Questions from customers will be replied within 24 hours.
Service Hotline1-408-705-2943

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