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Product  design

The task of product design is to determine the strategy, appearance, structure and function of the product, and thus the layout of the entire production system. If the design of a product lacks production point of view, at the time of production it will require a lot of time to adjust costs and replacement of equipment, materials and labor. On the contrary, good product design will result in functional superiority, ease of manufacturing, and low production cost so that the overall competitiveness of the product is enhanced. A successful design should meet the requirement in social development, economic efficiency, use (security, reliability, ease of use) and the manufacturing process.
In the preliminary design phase, design engineers from engineering department prepare technical requirements according to the customer's requirement to determine the best overall product design, the main technical performance parameters, working principle, systems and main structure. Specific tasks include:      
       1. Design basis.
       2. Product use and use scope.
       3. Provide changes and improvements for customer's request.
       4. Basic parameters and main technical performance indicators.
       5. Overall layout and structure description of the main components.
       6. Product works and systems.
       7. Performance analysis and comparison of similar products.
       8. Standardized comprehensive requirements.
       9. Critical technology solutions and key components, special material resources    analysis.
       10. Analyze and compare the designs of a new product; determine the        reasonable properties based on cost engineering; and choose the best option      through different structural principle and system comparison.
       11. For the design of a new product, Engineering department mutually agrees the design or improvement and check if solutions can meet user requirement and    needs of social development.
       12. Test, trial period and cost estimates for a new product design.
After technical requirements are approved by customers, design engineers complete the main calculation of products and the design of main components:
       1. Complete necessary test research in design process and write experimental       research outlines and research and test reports.
       2. Make product design calculations.
       3. Prepare overall product dimensions, component drawings and calibration.
       4. With the use of cost engineering, perform cost and functional relationship analysis on main components with high cost, complex structure, bulky volume   and high quantity and prepare technical economic analysis.
       5. Draw the schematic of various systems.
       6. Prepare bill of special components, purchased parts and materials.
       7. Review and modify some of the technical requirement.
       8. Perform analysis of product reliability and maintainability.
On the basis of technical design, design engineers complete all the drawings and design documents for trial and production work:

       1. Product part drawings, sub-assembly and general assembly drawings.
       2.  BOM for product components, standard parts, and outsourced parts.
       3.  Technical conditions of products.
       4.  Appraisal outlines of trial work.
       5.  Catalogs of files and drawings.
       6.  Drawings and documents of packaging design.
       7.  Drawings and documents of production work.
       8.  Brochures and documents of product advertising.
       9.  Standardized audit report.

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